The taste of you

The thing with you is the memory of being alive.

When we begin new things, new dreams, new paths, we have to know what the last one was about. And maybe our path will never be completely closed. Maybe it will stay in the back of mind in calmness and it won't cause any storm anymore.

The thing with you is the memory of being alive. The thing with you is experiencing every god damn emotion that ever existed, sometimes all in once, sometimes in small fragments that I loved. The thing with you is the shine in your eyes that made me believe in myself, the insecurity in your voice that warmed my heart, the electricity of your body that pulled me close and then pushed me away. And everything else about you was a blessing.

 There is always someone we will never forget in our life, because of the dreams they awakened in us, the soul they discovered, the change they caused. And even though I don't want you in my life anymore, you are the glimpse of light from the past that I will always smile to. You made me know life, and now it is taken away from me. But I will follow the steps of my heart (just like I did when they lead me to you) and find it again. And you, I want you to be happy, because in the name of love and promises, I will always be there for you. And I really wish for us, years apart from now, to meet again. Just so the memory of your eyes, can remind me how beautiful life is and how beautiful I am.

The taste of you lasts forever love.
 Yours truthfully, Ana.
Photography by Kersti (Flickr )


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