Winter 2017 trends (Part 2)

A look isn’t completed without a good hairstyle, makeup and… accessories. How can we make the difference this season? Keep reading.

·         Hair
Winter has brought back the 80s with its voluminous hairstyles and wavy hair. Accessorize it with royal elements to look divine. And for a more modern look, try mixing colorful laces with your amazing ponytail.

·         Makeup
Eye- Glitter and gold and silver, and glitter again! Bring the galaxy to your eyes. The rainbow colors, blue and copper are the best colors to choose to add an eye shadow touch. Smokey eyes as always, are in, but only on the right occasions. And if you prefer minimalist makeup, natural eyes hold the beauty you are willing to have.

Lips- Lip gloss is back (and make sure to apply lots of it.) As for the lipstick colors, the extreme sides are always the best. Dark lips, or truly red one or pastel and bright pink ones. Diverse to suit your personality perfectly. And as I said, natural fresh faces without makeup are always the most beautiful ones.
P. s Don’t forget highlighter.

·         Accessories
You are never fully dressed without accessories. Wear only one earring, or different ones. Wear pearls for an elegant look. For a more dramatic look, wear oversized chokers or pendants. They come in various styles and designs just for you. Scarves, puffer and furry ones will keep you warm. But if sometimes scarves feel heavy to hold, neckerchiefs complete the look. As for belts, corset ones, metallic and animal skin ones are in this season. And don’t forget the gloves, leather or knitted ones. If you don’t like gloves, then set bracelets come in helpful. Keep in mind that metallic, geometric, flora and fauna elements dominate this winter.

Whatever you wear, be stylish and feel good. You are the most beautiful woman.

 Hugs, Ana. 
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