Winter 2016/2017 trends

The joy of dressing is an art, be a great artist this winter.
Here I am back. This post will be all dedicated to fashion, the radiating element of our lives. It is important to feel good and comfortable and show a part of who we are on what we wear and how we wear it. But, how can we make them say “Wow” and be part of the latest fashion trends? Here for you, the fashion trends of winter 2016-2017, that you can perfectly wear in your daily life, each followed by a link, that takes them straight to you with just one click and so little money. J P.s Keep readind till the end for a surprise.

As you have all seen, every fashion blogger’s favorite outfit has become the white shirt under the dress. For colder days, you may match a turtleneck under the dress and be warm and fashionable.

For formal events, men’s wear are the greatest thing an independent strong woman may wear. Show them who is the boss girl!

For those sunny, but cold and windy days, get a jacket. Every fashionista must have a jean and a military jacket in their closet.

So you want a cute but comfortable outfit? Mix a sporty pullover with a skater skirt.

Extra long sleeves, high fashion puffers and gloves are waiting for you to fight the cold together.

As they say, good shoes take you good places. This season, pointed shoes stole the show. Heels with multiple straps and especially the ones with ankle straps are a must. Also, make sure to buy a charming pair of boots(suede ones are my favorite) to wear in the coldest days.And for the ones who want to get a little bit “crazy”, wear everything with socks. Yes, even heels!!!

Maybe, November is a little bit sad and nostalgic, but don’t cry. Buy a new bag and walk down the runway. Cross body bags and small ones are super cool, and easy to carry. My favorites have always been the ones with chains, so classy and they match with nearly every outfit.

Bright colors or dark ones? Can I buy that pink dress even though it is winter? Uhm, yeah you totally can. Because bright bubblegum pink is one of the trendiest colors, followed by red, green (olive and military ones), dark blue and grey. Also, black and nude colors are always, always in.

So my loved ones, now you are ready to shine (as you always do). I hope you found this post helpful.

Don't hesitate to share with us your stylish winter outfit and tag the blog on social medias for a chance to be featured on my next projects. 
Much love, Ana. 
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