Sleep lullaby

Us writers, we never learn to be okay.

It's heartbreaking to know how much love lives in you, with nowhere to go, yet wondering through the heart of every living creature around you. I am sorry to everyone I have ever loved, I am sorry for not knowing how to love you, for loving you way too much.

My world needs salvation and I don't know how to love them right. And I'm shaking at the idea that right now, right in front of me, is the love of my life. My love, I'm warning you to go away. I don't know how to love you in waves, I'll drown you as soon as you walk in. Don't even walk in. Watch me from the distance. Don't stay too much though. The sea level will raise and I'll drown you with my emotions spilled over every part of your heart.
I'm sorry in advance. But that's how I love; I do call everyone my lover.

As soon as I see you around, I'll grab you by my thoughts and never let you go. You won't even know, but by then I will have made you the favorite subject of my dreams. I will make your voice my sleep lullaby and your smile, the food for my soul. I will look into your eyes and think about the reflection of my love on them.
And my thoughts always fool my mind,such a naive girl.

As soon as we are one step closer, I'll start thinking if your mom loves me and if you know how to cook. I'll start wandering around the clouds of what I've created. And just when you whisper my name, I will have fallen for every cell of your body. I'll drown you with love, so please go away. I don't know to control it.

I need salvation and you are the next victim of my love. That's how I fell in love with that stranger, the stranger I loved for 2 years, fed him with illusions and drowned myself with all that. And now, I'm falling for you the same. But baby go away. I'm more furious this time, and it's been only two months with you…

I'm sorry for starting to love you way too much. I'm just a sick heart in a desperate need of someone that loves me.
Foolish to think someone would love the tsunami that's gonna take their life away.

It's November, and my love, I choose you.
                                                                                               From the deepest caves of my heart to you, Ana.

P.S Special thank you to my photographer, Sabrina Zajmi .
I love what I do,but this post( the writing and the photographs) is my favorite. 


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