The last dream

It was September and my love for you was the only thing that hadn't changed.

My dreams have started to look just like reality but oh baby, I don't want you to leave. My delicate mind and my fragile heart find solace, warmth, safety…only with you. In my dreams, there's a place where we are together and there's nothing more beautiful than that. There, I can look into your eyes and find the love I always did. There I can touch your body and let it captivate my everything. There we can talk, talk all night long and be the best, because I know we can. In my dreams, I can hold your hand and rest my mind. There I could love you just right and maybe you could love me a little too. I don't want you to leave, because in my dreams I can look into your eyes and see life, the rest of my life; see love, the disturbing eternal love; see hope, the flames of the future hope. I don't want you to leave, because I can't be me, without a you.

And if you start going away even on my dreams, I’ll be bound to throw the universe away. But you can be happy. You can still heal, and find someone to hold you tight along the journey. You can still feel the joy hormone collapsing and the blood rushing. You can still look into the future and shine, shine the way only you could. You can still learn how to treat the love of your life right.

And if one day, a little girl with big dreams crosses your mind, remember that you were her favorite. Remember that she gave you the world, but you just couldn't make it feel right. And maybe then, after I click on your mind for a minute or two, you'll smile and thank me, for being here to feed your skin with warmth and your heart with love, for being here when you hadn't learnt to love yourself yet. And maybe, you could hope you would still be my favorite dream.

Just the right amount of stardust, magic and love. Because that's what dreams are made of. And know it’s October and I’ve started dreaming in colors.



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