Please, put a song of Florence and the machine on and read this.

There are places to admire, things to adore and people to fall in love with. But I, I’m stuck on the universe of October. It ain’t just a month, it is a memory and a feeling. It is nostalgia and hope. It makes me love every step I take in this big world, while I’m learning to be friends with the person I am. But what is it that makes me smile on October? I like writing a lot about the things I love, but this time I’m letting photographs talk.
  • ·         Florence and the machine.
  • ·         Cold weather and the sky

Fresh air and feeling closer to the world. Warming yourself.Infinite.

  • ·         Nature

Peace. The wind of change.Nostalgia.Fallen leaves. Beauty.

  • ·         Rainy days

Warm bed. Your own company. Coffee shops. Books. Tea. Biscuits.Chocolate. Calm mind.

  • ·         Theatre nights

Life. Art.

  •    Sweater weather and lovely warm outfits

  • ·         Candles

As long as I have October, I’ll be fine. Not just fine, I’ll be happy.
A feeling: Love.
A book- The alchemist- Paulo Coelho.
A movie- Comet.
A city: Tirana, Albania.
A place- Mon Cheri Coffee shops.
A person: October is all about me.
A dream of: Having a lover.
A song:
Rate: 10/10



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