Call me fragile


  That morning changed me.How?

  1. I’m going insane but I keep thinking about that night and how I’d do everything to have it once again.
  2. I’ve been waiting this whole week to see you,but if I do, I know I’ll lose it.
  3. I don’t know if I love you,but my heart is aching and it will never be whole again.
  4. I’m tired and I hardly get out of bed in the morning. It’s all because of you but I’d still say YES if you wanted to come in again.
  5. I feel like skipping every physics class,because she was your favorite teacher and no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember that lesson she explained.
  6. You suddenly come into my mind at the middle of the day and I stop breathing.
  7. Not even my friends understand why am I doing this to myself, but I have no energy to explain. I don’t even know if I can explain it.
  8. I feel like crying right now,but I can’t do this to my parents.
  9. The wind is supposed to help me let you go,but each time it touches my face,it brings memories closer,but takes you further.
  10. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know that everything is made by an explosion. I just don’t know if you’ll make me or break me.

P.s I still love you though.                                

  1. You are still the one I think about from time to time, but everything’s blurry and it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.
  2. It’s been 2 months that I haven’t seen you and I’m not sure if I ever want to see you again.
  3. I know I don’t love you, but once I gave you my soul for two years and I can’t call you a stranger.
  4. I learnt not to be so hard on myself and feed my soul with the love I deserve, the love you promised you would give me.
  5. They keep asking me about you,but I don’t break anymore. My soul remains cold,and so does my face.
  6. Your name shows up everywhere and your face is in my mind,but my illusions don’t cross the past-present line. I won’t let that happen.
  7. My friends still tell me news about what’s going in your life and I still want to know about it, but I guess I just want you to be happy.
  8. I haven’t cried in two weeks and I don’t know if this numbness is better than tears.
  9. Fresh air finally healed me. I love the wind now,because it took you away on a calm morning by the beach. That morning changed me.
  10.  Every catastrophe is also a blessing to me. You were meant to break me, so I could make me.

P.s I don’t love you, but I’m thankful for everything and I want you to be happy. 


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