Unwreckable soul

Maybe in the middle of destruction we find ourselves,but this world is breaking. This has to stop.

What’s happening to our world nowadays is so sad, really sad, heartbreaking. We fear aliens, zombies, wild animals, but what is happening here is even more tragic. Do we even deserve the name “human” anymore? We are literally turning into monsters and it all looks like we live in a battle in the middle of a jungle; a zombie apocalypse where we are destroying one another.

Innocent people are dying every day. It is cruel because you don’t expect it. It’s terrible. One day, you are shopping for a new dress and you are so excited. And you go to the mall and suddenly you are in a horror movie. Or you are at a rock concert with your friends and you are enjoying it all, and the next minute, you are in the middle of chaos. Even in your home sweet home, you are not safe. You are with your mom, cooking your favorite meal, and boom, a bomb here it goes. The world claps their hands and the reporters enter the competition.

Stop focusing on politics and please stop using religion as an excuse for all that. Religion doesn’t say kill innocent people; religion doesn’t say kill innocent people if you don’t like the governmental issues of that country, religion does not say kill them if their point of view is different than yours. NO.

How much longer are we going to ignore it? How much longer are we going to skip the topic because it doesn’t directly affect us?
“It’s not happening in my country, why should I worry?”
Humanity doesn’t work like that. No, it’s not in your country, it’s not in your neighborhood, but are we going to wait until the tragedy comes to our house, our warm living room, to be aware of it and raise our voice? Today it is happening to them, but if we don’t do something, tomorrow it will happen to us.

And this isn’t something aliens are doing to us; we are doing it to ourselves. A human same as you, is doing this to you. I’m angry, angry at the world. This is happening daily and all we do is appear it on the news like it’s a fascinating reality TV show. It’s not a game where TV channels compete to each other. Wake up, it’s not Kim Kardashian losing her earrings or Kylie her virginity, it’s the world losing humanity. And it’s not only an individual with organs, walking with two feet and eating with two hands. You killed potential to live, you killed a dream, and you killed love. You destroyed it. You destroyed a future and this can’t be right.

I’m not only angry at this. I’m angry at people ignoring this. It’s time to react, to raise our voice. This is a case that affects the whole world. Not even one person can say that it doesn’t belong to him. It does, because it’s humanity and we are all living inside this castle of glass and it’s slowly breaking. You have to raise your voice everyday and in every situation you can, and you have to express your opinion, and you have to make a change, and you have to try. That’s all we can do.

I don’t know what’s happening to our world, but it is terrifying. And if you ask me if I fear aliens or zombies, I would say no. Because what I fear mostly right now are… humans. And we can’t let this slide. So please try. Try endlessly and share love.



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