Love lessons

Love is in you, even when he is gone.

Why do we love?
“We are born alone and we will die alone”
That means we can live a great life even alone. We don't need someone else to complete us, or any other fairytale about happy endings. Yes, that’s true. We are a whole person,-or let's say better- through life we create a whole individual. And no, we don't need someone else. And sure, we can survive without someone else.

But, what about that universe you discover when you love?
I don't need someone else, but I want him, I want love in my life. Why? Let me tell you about it. You should know that for the most amazing things/people/moments, you never find good enough reasons to prove why. But there are some things only love can teach you, and in this world of chaos, they will always, always dominate the others. 

  • You hate smiling because you don’t like how you look when you do, but one day that won't matter anymore. You won’t stop smiling because the feeling he gives you is too big to be handled inside that body. It has to shine, it never did back then but it will always do from now on.
  • Streets were never safe, and your mom told you to be careful. Yes, you should, but one day you’ll start feeling home in your own bones because their love for you has made you trust yourself a little bit more. When you are loved right, everything seems pure.
  • You are not an early bloomer, but if you had to miss those hours of sleeps just so you could see them, you would. Well, those eye bags, unfortunately, will be there, but don't worry. No one will notice them. Your eyes will shine bright enough to cover all the scars of the past. You know, it’s the brilliance of the rays of peace that come from the eyes of a soul in love.
  • That vision for the future, those dreams... Now you can share them with someone who supports you and makes you believe in yourself. And I don't think there is a better healing than a hand to hold when you feel down and the world seems heavy. 
  • The smallest things will become your happiness... Him making you breakfast even though he doesn't cook very well, seeing him smile, the way he holds your hand even though all of his friends are there, the way he treats his mother and his little brother. 
  • Also, no words needed when your eyes meet. It's a blast of your soul, an explosion of every atom in every world you have ever belonged to.
  • God, you love him.

But okay, what about the heartbreak you would say?
Well, all this time, he becomes a part of you. But he will leave and he will be too far away.
  • Maybe you'll start sleeping until late afternoon and you will miss some beautiful moments of the day. 
  • You will start shaking when a stranger just randomly bumps into you. It freaked you out. 
  • You will skip breakfast because nothing tastes like his sweet crêpes with Nutella. 
  • Your friends will get worried because you keep finding excuses not to go out and even when you do, there is always a spot that holds memories and it breaks you down. You are not that fun anymore.
  • You will start skipping those favorite activities and your passions…well they…they will be thrown to the river. 

So, how can love be good? How can love heal you?
Well sweetheart, all this is true. And for some, the heartbreak lasts longer than those happy memories.
But stop! Stop right now! You are doing it wrong. That's not what Love taught you, that's not what it made you believe. That's what society says it's supposed to happen after he goes away. But you will disappoint Love if you go on like that.
  • Love taught you to love yourself more and find happiness in things you love and forget about the rest.
  • Love taught you to smile more.
  • Love taught you that strangers are not freaks to go away from. They admired the girl with the confidence and the smile on her face on October nights and Love wants you to be the same on December, even on June.
  • Love taught you that you could trust yourself and make that step closer to that brighter future. Believe in yourself and your vision will start clearing out. 
  • Love taught you that you, yes you, little so fragile human out here wondering if love is worth it, it taught you that you are such an amazing gift to this messy world. You are capable of holding the most powerful force in yourself and you are capable of sharing it unconditionally. You are able to shine through all the scars and heal. 
And Love, unlike the temporary trends of the society, taught you that all these lessons live eternally. 

Love is in you, even when he is gone.
  • And if now you can't have his pretty smile to wake up early on the morning, you still have picnics with your friends.
  • If you can't taste his delicious crêpes, you can still go to your grandma and eat that pie you loved when you were a child.
The only things you may miss are his eyes and the chemistry you had, but as eternal love taught you, that shine still remains on your eyes. 
You just have to find the small moments out here; on nature, sunsets, the sea, your mom, strangers and not in him. Not anymore.
And you can do all this, because you once felt love and that was enough to create the burst of sunshine inside you. 
That's why you love. That’s why you let love guide you. And I mean real love, not the modern tale of romanticizing heartbreak and cold hearts. 
Dare to love once and you'll love endlessly.


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