Shine bright

Take decisions with an open heart.

  How do I manage all this? How I haven’t let my pride or others’ opinions lead me through life?

                                          Take decisions with an open heart.

No matter what it is, you should listen to your feelings. Take that time to understand yourself and become at peace with your feelings. I think it really doesn’t have to do with other people, even if the decision is about your relationship, divorce or the loss of a friend. It has to do with the spiritual journey of your own personal growth. And for that, feelings are never wrong. Even if your logic tells you it’s not right, do it. Because in the end, isn’t logic just the way you think restricted by social factors? Pride? C’mon has pride ever made anyone happy? It just feeds your ego, making you think you are safe from pain now. Contradictory, because it causes you more sadness than everything else, isolation… And what about reputation? Reputation is just the way people see you from the outside. Why take it personally?

And when love hurts you once, trust it one more time, and one more time. Have the pieces broken, fix them again, and let them fall to the ground again. It’s all worth it. Don’t let a bad experience prevent you from your bright future. Believe me; it’s shinier than you think. The universe knows how it works. And it’s gonna bring you good, oh, so much good.

And don’t cry over that boy, pretty girl. Whatever went wrong, you had those happy moments. And he, maybe he is worth it, maybe he is the boy you want, but it’s not what the universe has to offer you. As one of my favorite sayings says “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door” so no matter how many times you knock, it won’t open. Keep wandering through the sunset.

And don’t forget to love yourself, darling.You have all those galaxies inside you, waiting to be discovered. Why are you still complaining about that ugly scenario on your head?

Let yourself shine and believe me the world is gonna be brighter. I promise,you will be okay.


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