The Dionne

Sweethearts belong to each other. The ones who help you be a better you. And here I am, celebrating her becoming 1 year better, wiser…

Happy Birthday my dear.

Since I met you 5 years ago, you have brightened my days. And now, I believe them when they say “All you need is a good friend by your side.”  And oh how much you have grown since then, becoming wiser, better, dreaming bigger, loving harder. Being by your side has been my pleasure.

So, what am I celebrating today?  I’m being super happy over the fact that during my days, I will have all this there. An already independent woman who knows her worth and works hard everyday to make her future brighter. A sweet dreamer that finds joy in the little magic of daily life. Also, a loving, caring,sensitive baby. But, most of all, a good friend. The only one I consider real friendship. Someone who knows me way too well and tries to understand in every situation. Who is patient when I’m being narcissistic, mean and a drama queen.Who laughs at my silly jokes and doesn’t hesitate to tell “This wasn’t funny no stop it” at the right time. Who has started hating less some people, just because I’ve started loving them. Who is there to give me honest advice when I need it. And where am I going with this? 
Just so you all know, she is my flawless best friend. And you can’t sit with us.  
Happy Birthday biatch, I wish you all the best. I hope your dreams come true. I wish you are happy, even when the sun doesn’t shine as much in your life. Let your heart decide. And I’m gonna be there. I’m sorry I’m violating your privacy.

I really love you, and yeah you are only mine.

Gezuar ditelindjen nga Bukuroshja jote dhe vetem e jotja.


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