...And after


                      What if in the past, your atoms were united with someone else’s atoms?

They were together, functioning in a perfect way, part of a beautiful flower. But then, the explosion happened. And that’s how humans, imperfect humans, were formed. In sake of survival, atoms were boned with each other in an imperfect way… It all makes sense now, right?

And that’s how humans are made. Through life they search for the atoms of the same old element as theirs…That’s what love is. That’s why sometimes you feel like you have known someone before. You feel like their eyes bring you safety, like you have always belonged to them and their soul has always been yours. That’s why you feel home in strangers’ eyes more than you will ever feel on the one you have been living with your whole life. That’s why for a second, everything disappears. It’s just you and him. Your atoms have always loved their atoms.

But sometimes our “imperfect” function of the brain or the so called logic ruins it all and makes it impossible for atoms to connect. And how would I explain heartbreak?

Atoms feel connected even if the two humans don’t have a so-called human connection. Separating them from each other, also makes a part of the atoms, die. That’s why it is easier through an explosion. Everything happens in a single moment.

Love is only one, one kind of bond, with only a particular kind of atom. The others? The others are just some atoms that work well with yours. Atoms are turned into fools when they want to find their soul atom. They look for him in everyone that shows a little sign of connection.
It all makes sense now.

The universe was created by an explosion, so must have we. We won’t have to question anymore all the theories of how humans were born. Explosions, explosions, make it all happen. Like the explosion when they feel the perfect mate atoms.

And why do humans die then? Because that’s how it works my darling. Everything explodes, once in a while.


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