Risky enough

         It’s all about chemistry, and sometimes it can be one of the mysteries unexplained. But I’m gonna tell you about it…

“There was something about our silence that made me feel comfortable. He wasn’t talking to me, but I didn’t feel ignored. I felt we were part of the same moment and it didn’t need to be defined.”

              “Why would you want someone like that in your life? “– They ask me.
               Happiness is what matters. And I don’t care if everything else goes wrong.
             Why I want that person? Because he gives me the feeling of freedom. I know he can make me happy. Just the way his look gives me a sense of feeling good is enough. Why I want that person? You know what? I am not going to describe him; I am just going to describe what I am when he is there…
              …Happy. I feel my heart stopping and all of my thoughts go away. It is all a solemn feeling of freedom and peace. There is no past, no future, no reason, no “what ifs”, no “what do they think about it”. It’s funny because this only happens just because he exists. No words, no kind words. Just me and him. Maybe it is unreal. But it can’t. Because there isn’t a relationship, there isn’t a friendship. He is just a stranger that knows perfectly how to possess my cells and make them breathe more oxygen. He changes my whole mood, just by being there. And I don’t know how he does that, he doesn’t even try man. So if this whole thing happens now, do you understand now why I want him in my life?
                He can get me out of comfort zone, but keep me safe at the same time. He can make me angry, but make me wanna stay there at the same time. And holy shit, he makes me happy. And that is enough. It’s not love, it’s not a crush, I think it is just someone who reflects my happiness and together we can make the world better.

                                               You know what explains it best?
               The sun shares the light into our eyes, our eyes reflect the light given from the sun, and now we can see the beauty of the sun and the world around. If we wouldn’t reflect the light, the sun wouldn’t know its beauty. And even though there are people who love the nights so much, and don’t want the sun to share that much light, that doesn’t make a change.Eventhough everyone thinks humans are cruel, that doesn’t make a change either. Our eyes still reflect light, and the sun still shines.

                  Do you understand now why I want someone as terrible as him in my life?


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