Faded beauty

Be a great daughter,sister,student,citizen... But sometimes,you should just try to be a good self...

      Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them in with your favorite colors.
—         The Kite Runner; Khaled Hosseini
           Your mom wants you to be a doctor in the future. She keeps talking every day about how you should be a good housewife and learn to cook, clean, sew clothes. You are going to get married one day and you should be able to keep a house. And yeah, you should stop waking up at 11 am.
           Then, your dad wants you to be a technology expert. He keeps talking every day about how you should be able to discover things that technology hasn’t yet. You are stupid because you can’t use the Internet for what he wants you to do. And yeah, you should stop listening to music all day, because that’s the only thing you know how to do.
          And then, your teacher wants you to be a great student. She keeps talking every day about how you should study 5 hours a day and learn every subject and do every single homework. You should never miss a class. And yeah, you should stop talking to your mates when she explains that lesson (at least she tries).
         And in the end, society always wants you to be a social girl and an active citizen. They want you to do voluntary jobs. Some people want you to be an artist, some people want you to be a politician, and others want you to be a good woman. And yeah, you should stop complaining all day.
      And at the end of the day, they are all here complaining about the fact that you never do things right. Even if you set goals to just do all the things they want, you would not be able to.You only have 24 hours a day. But, they don’t seem to understand that you are human.

      Society often has too much high expectations for you and people don’t realize that you need to become your own person. Sometimes they want the best for you but this may not let you develop in your own pace and make your own decisions about the choices you make.
      You don’t live to feed their egos of having a great daughter/sister/student/citizen. You have your dreams and this is your life. And they should stop worrying about how you are not living in the right way. There is no right way.
     Sometimes you should really try to cook and clean the house. And maybe another day, be that “techno genius” your father wants you to be. Open your books and study. And don’t forget to share smiles when you walk on the street.
      What is really important is what you want. Don’t let them kill your dreams and darken your soul. Don’t destroy your inner beauty just because they tell you, you are not enough.
You are human and you are enough, even if you just try sometimes to act your way and make yourself happy.


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