Body image: Having the perfect body

                     Summer is finally here.Vacation mode is on. And it's time to show some skin.Bikinis,shorts,crop-tops are here... again. "I hate my body" and "I wish I looked like her" are definitely the most used sentences of this season. But how can we,as a society,deal with that?
                     As years pass,the "perfect" body ideals change.Medias play an important role on developing these ideals. Body image is the way someone perceives their body. And as statistics show,91 % of women are unhappy with their bodies. They often develop eating disorders and low self-esteem. Every women strives for perfection,some consider it to be the curvy Kim Kardashian body and others would die to have the Victoria's Secret models body. 
                    I decided to write a blog post about this,because I am of those "I hate my body" girls. I am working on loving my body,but with all the perfect girls medias idolize,it is way too hard.Last week,it was my first time wearing a bikini. And it was so stressful. I was always trying to hide one part or another of my body.But I understood that I would never be happy this way. It is one of my dreams to look like a model,but as I was thinking about this.I realised that even the girl on the magazine doesn't look like the model on the magazine. So,what's the point on trying so hard to look like someone that doesn't even look that way in reality? 
                  The number one tip to have the perfect body is..... have a body and love it. Congrats,now you are the girl with the perfect body. I think that everyone should try to love themselves with all the flaws. If you don't like your body,then start doing something about it. Just don't hate. Start working out and eating healthy.Stop comparing yourself to KimK or Adriana Lima.Instead,look at your progress. 
Here is the curvy perfect body.

And here is the skinny perfect body.
         Let's suppose those models look that good in real life.It is their job to look good.While you work from Monday to Sunday at the office to gain a living,they work 24/7 to look good.That is what they do in life.They have a really good body,but you are the hella queen of cooking.They are jealous of you. Everyone has something good at  and every women has a purpose on life.We can't do everything,we are humans. 
        So,just love your body and that is enough. Meanwhile,spend some more time on being positive and having spiritual peace. Don't forget that I love you. 
                                                                                                             <3 Ana <3

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