Stop Yulin 2015 !


 I just came across a photo on Instagram that broke my heart.I had never heard about Yulin Festival before.Yulin Festival is a Dog Meat festival in GuangXi,China.Every year,as the summer solstice approaches,there is held a celebration where 10,000 dogs are tortured,killed and then eaten.This is an old tradition in China,but we can not accept this on the 21st century.
     Animal-rights groups all around the world are trying to stop this festival,that is going to be held 22 June. China does not have a law to forbid this,but critics claim that dogs are taken from random families illegally. Dogs are electroluted,burned and skined alive.And we have to stop this.
      Social medias have gained attention with the #stopyulin2015 hashtag and I would ask all of you to share and raise awarness.Millions of petitions are held,and I just signed the petiton below and I beg you to sign it too. Please,stop this cruelty,animals rights should be protected.  

                                                                                                 <3 Ana <3


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