Better than nothing


Not the scene on the movies,not again. Just me and my thoughts,sitting here,writing this. This song got me thinking about all the things that matter.And it felt like a huge hurricane of feelings sung in 4 minutes.You know that moment too,right? When a song just fucking gets you.And tears fall from your eyes because you couldn't tell all this better.
      When you see carefully around yourself,you don't see items.You see feelings,memories, flashbacks of your life. And sometimes it hurts a lot but it is better than nothing.Having something to remember is better than looking to a blank page of thoughts. Having someone to laugh with is better than being at your room just thinking. So,literally everything is better than nothing.
       It is also describes the feelings a human can get. Things happen and our hearts get broken.But oh,believe me,it is better than being numb,unable to see the life colors,to feel them. 
       The song is a love story about feelings and love.The story of a girl who rejects the boy but still has feelings.She doesn't want him to get hurt,she still has some feelings.And it is self-destructive to see someone after a long time and the way he looked at you is still there.Flashback of the things she had forgotten come back again.But life goes on.
      What happens to the boy? Will he be destroyed? He will go on.What happens to the girl? She will always feel this song.Even when life takes her to another path... 
                                                                                                     <3 Ana <3


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