Appreciating Mother Nature !

     I strongly believe that our life can be changed if we start looking at life in another way.Nature is one of the things that people often forget to appreciate. We often keep on walking without noticing how fast everything around us is fading.We go on without sharing a smile,without feeling the oxygen flowing in our body.And that,my dear,is the real tragedy of life.
       Tell me.When was the last time you just sat somewhere just to feel the wind blowing,the birds flying? When was the last time you enjoyed watching how fast clouds move and how the sky color changes? When was the last time you smelled a flower and smiled? A long time ago,right? All this is around us everyday,but we never seem to notice.
             And you,that guy over there that thinks" Yeah,we do notice.It's not a big deal.",I  have an answer for you too. Yeah,yeah we notice.We look at the sky when things go wrong and we ask for hope.We smell a flower before we cut it to give it to our dear ones.We love the animals,when one of them dies and "oh,the poor one" phrase keeps being repeated.But that,my darling,is not noticing,is not sharing love and appreciating.
         I don't wanna make you feel bad,I just wanna make you think about it again.I want you to start thinking about how beautiful your life is and how little things make it all better.I want you to find peace in yourself and reflect it everywhere you go. I love you,little human that sometimes forgets that mother nature is such a treasure

                                                                             Much love,Ana.
*All photos are mine.


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