Everyone needs a break !

 My little happiness,here I am back again. It's been more than a month that I haven't updated my blog. Sometimes things get hard,days get boring and all you need is a break,a little time to be out of touch with the world. When the sun doesn't keep you warm,and when smiles don't simply mean a thing,you want to stop the time.
      But no,life doesn't stop for anybody.The clock keeps reminding you of the seconds you are waisting,sitting by the window.But it doesn't matter.You need to sit at the rooftop of your house,you need to feel the wind on your face.Birds are flying,clouds are still moving,and all this reminds you that you are still alive,your lungs still feel the warmth of the world.
   And you start thinking about what really matters in this life? Endless questions,no answers.You start feeling that you are homesick,because... do you really think home is a place anymore? Who you are? Still don't know. And you just don't want to go on anymore.
   Days pass,and your life keeps fading.Memories continue watering the flowers on your mind. And you have to take a long breath and get up and start living.
   I hope your days are still colorful,and I hope your sun shines brighter than ever.I hope you are filled with love and I hope you get what you want in life.But most of all,I hope you find peace in yourself.

                                                                                                                    Much love. 
                                                                                  <3 Ana <3


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