Makeup products I use

Makeup is part of everyday life.Almost every girl loves it.Sometimes it is there to cheer you up. But having good quality ones makes it all better.I am listing below some of the makeup products and links to shop them online.Here we go.
For everyday makeup to school and home makeup,I only use face cream and lip balm.When I hang out,I use all of them.I wear blush,eye shadow,eyeliner and lipstick only on special occasions.

  • Daily energizer cream,Clarins

  • Maestro fusion makeup,Giorgio Armani
  • Healthy mix concealer,Bourjois

  • Powder,Shiseido
  • Blush,Shiseido
  • Eyeshadow palette,Clarins
  • Voluminous Million Lashes,L'oreal
  • Eyeliner,Chanel

  • Fruity shine peach lip balm,Labello
  • Juicy tube lipgloss,Lancome
As for lipsticks,I have a lot but this is my favourite one.When I hangout I usually wear this one.
  • Lipstick,Shiseido
So,this were the makeup products I use,They are really great and I love them.My favourite one is the Shiseido lipstick.What about you? What is your favourite makeup product? 
                                                                                                        Much love.
                                                                                                <3 Ana <3


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