Living a healthy life

Hello my lovely followers.Spring is finally here and the atmosphere is amazing.We all know that a healthy life is important.Summer is coming,so we are all working for that body

Share a photo using the hashtag #healthylifewithana and show us what do you consider a healthy life.

So what's my advice on that? Well,you can always have the body you want,but you have to work hard.A healthy body and mind should not be for summer only,it should be for a lifetime.So what can you do what about that? Let me help you.

  • So what does a healthy life mean (for me)?
-Physical health: Being active and exercising daily.Eating healthy.Not smoking or drinking alchohol.Being the right weight and having a toned body.Getting enough sleep.
-Emotional health-Being optimistic.Being able to deal with stress.

  • Weight loss
If you are obese,overweight or normal weight maybe you want to lose some weight so you can look good and feel good.But where do you start? I would recommend talking to dietician.First,start by calculating the BMI and BMR.(This is the site that I use: Then have a diet and exercise plan created and then get it to life.In the next weeks,Im going to make a post about weight loss with more details.
--- My height is 166 cm,my weight is 64 kg (5'5 and 141 lbs) and my BMI is 23.2.I am at a normal weight but unfortunately I do not live a healthy life,I am working on it.

  • Living healthy exercise and eating habits
What I consider healthy is having daily exercise and eating healthy. I think everyone should exercise 30 minutes a day by doing activities like walking,cardio,strength,zumba,dancing,running,swimming etc. And intake calories depend on your age and weight/height,but for people around 160-170 cm and 50-70 kg,I would say 1500 calories is enough.

What about you? What do you consider a healthy life? Are you living a healthy life? If so,tell us your habits? If not,what are your plans for the future? 

Take care my loves.
                                                                                            <3 Ana <3

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  1. Living a healthy life is vital because it can't solely extend your life, however it can even improve the standard of your life. Feeling physically higher and having management over your own life can even greatly increase your psychological state.