Gender equality

Analizing the situation around the world,I can say that gender equality is a worldwide problem. Gender equality is a human right,everyone should respect.
What is gender equality?

Gender equality is the view that men and women should be seen as equal and should benefit from the same opportunities and not be discriminated.
The situation at the moment of talking
From a study made by UNDP(,gender inequality percentage varies from 2 % to 73 %. 
"Gender equality is more than a goal on itself.It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty,promoting sustainable development and building good governance." -Kofi Annan.

Discrimination towards women
All around the world,there are stereotypes that lead women lives.You would ask: Where are you based that you say that there is gender inequality? Ok,statistics show it all,but even in every day life there are tons of examples.Let me cite some.
1.In some countries,women do not have the freedom of marriage or divorce.
2.Women do not have the freedom of education.
3.Women are more often sexually abused/violated than men.
4.For the same work position,men earn more than women.
5. When doing something wrong,men are less judged than women.
These were only some of the facts we are based on when arguing about this topic.

But,what can we do about it?
Every single one of us can participate on protecting and providing gender equality.
1.The first step is knowledge. We should all understand that women should be equal to men.We should end the discrimination and we should destroying their lives.
2. Sharing. Sharing the information is important.Start by your close friends and family.Little steps do make the difference.
3.Organise a project on your school or city. Starting a project is not easy.but it is worth it.
4.Participate. It should be an everyday act protecting them.Stand up for women' rights.
Be our supporter.Show us your support by sharing a photo of your gender equality perception and using the hashtag #genderequalitylifewithana  or #GenderEqualityVOY because I am a member of Voices of Youth community.(

Thank you for your time.

                                  <3 Ana <3


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