20 March,International Day of Happiness

Happiness is what makes life beautiful.Making others happy gives a meaning to your life.What does it take to do a kind act? Nothing more than a smile or a hug.Sharing love is the best way to live. So,what does happinness mean for me? Happiness is waking up in the morning happy to live life,it is waking up with a goal.Happiness is looking at your family smile.Happiness is the smile that old beautiful lady gives you when you help her.Happiness is smiling to strangers.Happiness is feeling love through your veins.Happinnes is giving food to a homeless person and talking with him,giving love. Happiness is living the life you love and making this world a better place.And all it takes is a smile.And I want you to know that money or fame can't buy all this,real happiness I mean. This is what happiness means to me. Everyone of you has that love inside them to share,you will find your way. Let your soul chose the road.I want you to celebrate happiness on 20 March and forever. The link below is a project I have lately joined:

Watch these videos and reflect on your life.Much love.

<3 Ana <3


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