What this blog is going to be about

Hello again.This is a new blog that is going to start its activity soon.So what is going to be about?
As a teenage girl,I am going to post about lifestyle.The main topics will be:

  • Fashion
I love fashion and I'm working on developing my own style.We are going to talk about new trends,celebrity fashion and everyday fashion.I'm going to write about my own everyday style.

  • Photography
Photography is my other fashion.I love to take pics of things that sorround me and inspire me.We are going to share together moments of our lives.

  • Music
Sure as hell,music is a part of everyone's life.So,why not be part of my blog?

  • Everyday life
In this blog,we are going to talk about everything from a healthy lifestyle to cooking,travelling etc.
Life is wonderful and sharing it with you its my dream.
I am going to write my posts on english and albanian,because english is an international language and albanian is my mother language.I will try to post 3 or 4 times a week. 
I love you so much.Keep following.
Lots of kisses

<3 Ana <3


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