Valentine's day

Hey I'm here back again.Tomorrow,it's Valentine's Day,so as I promised you,here is the post. Valentine's day is a day for lovers to celebrate being with each other.So if you have a boyfriend or if you are married,it is a great day to celebrate your love. (Psstt single ladies keep reading this article is most about you.)So what can you do to celebrate with your lover?Here are some ideas:
  • Plan the day before with him or decide for it to be spontaneous and full of suprises
There is no greater celebration than something you both love.Boys,prepare for flowers and chocolates.No chocolate,no valentine.No flowers,no valentine. 

  • Go to the movies.
If there is any good movie,the cinema is a great choice.If there are any tickets left go watch "Fifty shades of Grey",the world phenomenon.

  • Eat lunch or dinner together.
Dinner would be more romantic.Candles,parisian atmosphere oh la la C'est l'amour... 

  • Travel to another city 
A vacation is always a great choice.Being by the nature,exploring... what a great idea for adventurous couples.

  • Go to the parties.
Ok,let's stop here with romantic dates.Go at the party and shake it off.(Just dont get too drunk )

  • When the night comes,it's your choice.
You know what you're supposed to do right.
If you are single on Valentine's Day,there's nothing to be sad about.Well try not to get depressed when you see happy couples around.If you are single,then you can do whatever the hell you want.So I'm going to show you a variety of examples and you are going to have more fun than them.
  • Wake up in the morning and prepare breakfast to yourself.
Light the eating room or eat at the backyard.Prepare something you like,even Crepes with Nutella are great.
  • Grab your single buddies and have a day with them.
I dont mean suffer together,dont get me wrong.Go explore the city.
  • Christian Grey is waiting for you at the cinema.
Who says that you can't watch it if you don't have a lover? Tell them you can and go ,do it.
  • Go at a party with your girls.
That's where we all go girl.Sometimes vodka makes you feel alright.
  • And there are always movies and chocolates and flowers to buy to yourself.
Watch a movie you never had time for or watch the whole series of a tv show.
So this was it my darlings. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and  I hope it helped. If you want,I'll do an outfit and makeup tutorial for Valentine's Day(i hope im not to late).So just ask me for any advice or let's just share our Valentine's Day experiences down below.Hope you have a good time. 
Post your Valentine's Day photo or post or status and use hashtag #singlelifewithana or #lifewithanalove.Lots of hugs.
                                           <3 Ana <3 

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