Thank you for the support.

Yey.I just reached 100 views and I am so happy about it.Thank you for supporting me on this road I've taken.I hope you have enjoyed my posts and I've helped.I also think that we are going to build a relationship together as friends enjoying life.I also would like to thank  for participating on Valentine's Day hashtag project.
Posts will continue to be about fashion,lifestyle,music,movies,but I have some surprises for you my friends.From now on,the psots will also be about books,photography,cooking,dancing and also sharing opinions about worldwide problems.I am also going to hold different contests.The thing I would like to announce now is that :
From now on,the posts are going to be in English language and.... Albanian. Much love to my albanian supporters.Thanks to american and polish followers too. I would really appreciate your suggestions about different topics.Thank you very much for everything.I have already started my activity on weheartit about this blog,so you can follow me here:


From now,I'm also going to be an active blogger on tumblr at the link down below:

Lots of love from me to you.

  <3 Ana <3 


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