Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion trends

Hello my lovely friends.Hope your week started well and full of inspiration to live.My day has been good lately.Spring is coming soon and it's that time of the year when everyone goes shopping and gets prepared for a new season.That's why I'm going to dedicate this post to: Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion trends. Let me start:
  • Shirtdresses 

This season a fashion trend comes back:shirtdresses are in again.Be super classy and feel wonderful by wearing a shirtdress whenever flowers bloom.

Kylie Jenner
  • Checked outfit 
They  never go out of style.Wear this spring a trend that has been always in since 1960 and even earlier.
Kerry Washington
  • Fringes
Let's get back to the country look.Looking cool and feeling comfortable this summer in fringes.
Jamie Chung
But what are the color trends this season? Is pink or blue or red? Here we go:
  • Blue and aquamarine
How could it even be possible not to have blue in our list? Let the color of the sky and sea be with you wherever you go.

  • Lucite and military green
Take the nature and feel strong.Combine clothes and always be sure to have the military green in there.
Victoria Beckham
  • Black,white and red
They are my favourite colors,especially black.Let black make you mysterious,white pure and let red make you passionate.
                                      Doutzen Kroes                  Ana(Me) 

Taylor Swift
So this was it my darlings.Be fashionable and mix it up with your own personal style.My opinion on that is that fashion without personal style is like a bird without wings.I am going to write on another post about jewerly,bags,hairstyle and makeup trends.Stay beautiful.
                                                                             <3 Ana <3
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