Songs of the week

Hello beautiful people.Every single one of us goes through the day with a song,a melody. There are those days when you find a song that touches your heart and you listen to it every day.So I'm going to list below my top favourite songs of the week:

  • Crazy in love (Fifty shades of Grey version)  cover by Sofia Karlberg
This girl is really talented.

  • Haunted by Beyonce
Fifty Shades of Grey has conqeured the world.

  • Elastic Heart by Sia
The music video is AMAZING.

  • Talking body by Tove lo
If you love me right,we fuck for life...

  • Stand by me by Ben E. King
No description available,only feelings.
  • I saw her standing there by The Beatles
They are incredibly,amazingly good.

  • Love me do by The Beatles
Yeah,yeah,The Beatles again,don't blame me.

  • Staying Up by The Neighbourhood
It is one of my favourite bands.I can't go a day without them.

  • I wanna be yours by Arctic Monkeys
And Arctic Monkeys is another "favourite band you cant possibly spend a day without them."
  • Take Shelter by Years & Years
It gets my heart pumping every single time.

So these were my top 10 songs of the week.I hope you enjoy listening to them.I also wanted to ask you about your favourite songs of the week,so leave a comment below.If you have any suggestions,dont hesitate to comment or message me.Thank you for being part of my life.Much love.
                                            <3 Ana <3
P.s. Valentine's Day is coming soon so get ready for the next post.All you ladies out there in love or possibly loving food,keep on following,I'm coming.Unfortunately,Christian Grey is not going to be with me. Much hugs.

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