LGBT community

Hello guys.Today I wanted to talk about LGBT community and their rights.We had it as a topic in french class and I got suprised of the fact that about 38 % were against LGBT relationships.First of all we have to understand what LGBT means,so that we can express our opinion in the right way.

  • L for Lesbian-A homosexual woman
  • G for Gay-A homosexual
  • B for Bisexual-Someone attracted to both genders
  • T for transgender-People who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.”

Worldwide,this community is discriminated and in some countries gay/lesbian marriages are illegal. I don't personally agree with that.I think that as long as you are a human,you have the right to feel equal to others no matter what your gender,race or sexual orientation is.If you like someone of the same sex that doesn't mean that you are building abnormal realtionshps for the society. If you are born a boy,but you feel as a doesn't mean you are someone that deserves to die.You should not feel ashamed of it,because you can't control your sexual orientation,you can't control your feelings.As a human being,you have the right to be whatever you want as long as you don't violate others' rights.I don't get the point of giving people adjectives that make them feel discriminated.You are HUMAN, that's the only name that you have.You all have the freedom to love.I would like to spread worldwide the message of non-discrimation.Don't spread hate to humans.It's not them building a wrong society,it's you.
As for me,I identify myself as  a human being with the right to be loved.
Share a photo/post on social medias about LGBT community and use the hashtag #lgbtlifewithana

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