First post

Hello wonderful people.Hope your lives have been good lately.If so let's enjoy it together,if not then I'm here to guide you to achieve what you really want,what your heart wants.As we are friends now,I guess you have the right to know about me.I'm Ana X and I'm 15 years old.I'm a student in Tirana,Albania. My life has been a roller coaster full of emotions.But there comes one day when you finally decide to let the light enter through the broken pieces.I've understood  that life is so beautiful and it must be lived well.I know you are tired of people saying this "bullsh*t" but believe me that you can do it.As I said,I study on a middle school where I try to find cool things to enjoy even when I'm exhausted.I learn peacefully everyday and I work hard to achieve what I want.I also love my family,because you can always find peace and love there even on your darkest days.Spending life the way youwant every second is something everyone should have in their mind.I love photography and I always take pics of flawless things in nature.I find beauty on odd things and that makes me feel good.I also draw for fun and it is a way to express my feelings and emotions.Uhm,my life is full of colorful moments so in another moment I'll write about what I do for fun and my plans for the future.I have always loved blogging and I have had a blog since I was 12 years old and I loved it.For a period of time,I stopped blogging and stopped my activity on social medias.I decided to get back on blogging because I just love it.It will help me get organized with my life and be happy.I want people to get inspired by me and make them happy.So I guess now we know each other better. Buut I wanna know my followers too,so feel free to present yourself in the comments and let me be your mate in this amazing journey.Tell me anything you want me to post about and I will be here for any advice. I love you <3
And hey this is me. Lots of hugs.
<3 Ana <3


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